Year 5

 Beech Grove Primary School
Year 5
Summer Term 2022

Head Teacher Message
Happy sun shine days everyone and welcome to summer term 2022. The time has raced by since the children started the new calendar year in January with lots of Covid related absences along the way for both staff and children! The spring term was certainly a challenging period indeed for the school in that respect. However, in true Beech Grove fashion we all stuck together as one big family and got through these trying months. As we’ve always said. Together we can get through anything!

On behalf of the staff I would like to wish everyone a happy return after the Easter break and hope that summer term 2022 is a good one for our whole school community.

As Head teacher of your school, I continue to be so proud of all of the children and the way they have started back since returning in September 2021. Their resilience and adaptability remain outstanding.

This term we hope to pick up where we left off before Easter with our children achieving great progress within their core subject areas, due to the tremendous hard-working attitude of themselves and the dedicated staff team here at school.

Children’s classroom and corridor manners continue to be amazing which maintains a lovely atmosphere around school. To see the children demonstrating all of those essential ‘Next door neighbour’ qualities of respect, tolerance and kindness on a daily basis is a heart-warming thing to see and brightens up my day. What kind and caring children we have in school. I couldn’t be any prouder of our Beech Grove Family.

This term we will also be hoping for some lovely summer sunshine so that children can make full use of our Secret Garden in lesson time and maybe plant some wonderful summer flowers for us all to enjoy. Especially when it comes to our summer attendance reward ice-cream and ice lolly parties!!

Our teachers have lots of interesting activities planned for this term and hope that you will enjoy hearing what children have been working on at consultation meetings/phone conversations, and will support them with their homework and reading outside of school.

Please, please, please x10000 keep encouraging your child to read at home. Reading is the key to everything!

We also hope that every effort is made by you for every child to attend school regularly. It is so important for your child’s development. We can’t stress this enough.
Especially as the children lost so much formal education time during covid. (96% and above is GOOD attendance).
Don’t forget those children who have a 95% and above attendance in school for the term get an invite to their key stage’s attendance parties. This term its ice cream treats and ice lollies in the secret garden. Please help your child achieve this reward.

Here’s to a really positive Summer term!

John Dixon

Our work for this term

In English this term Year 5 will be writing a persuasive letter to Mr Dixon to convince him that an educational visit to Lightwater Valley would be an excellent opportunity for the Year 5 children! Following this, we will write a diary entry based on the class story A Series of Unfortunate Events. The diary will be written from the perspective of Violet Baudelaire. Finally, we will be looking at how to write advertisements, before creating our own advertisement for a theme park.

The first half of Summer term will have a large focus on geometry. For the first few weeks will spend time looking at angles so that the children become confident in identifying and measuring angles and working out missing in angles. We will also learn the features of regular and irregular polygons and also how to calculate angles in those shapes. After angles, we will move onto position and directions where the children will learn about translation, symmetry and reflection of shapes. In Summer 2, we will move onto measurement. In this topic, the children will be converting between different units of measure and comparing imperial and metric units. After this, the children will learn all about volume and how to estimate capacity. Finally, children will finish Y5 by reviewing previous learning from the year.

In our first half term, our topic is ‘Scream Machine’ where we will look at key events from roller-coaster history, read theme park maps and design our own rollercoaster. In science, we will focus on forces and how they make amusement rides work. Also, we will be completing a DT project in the first half term. We will be designing and making a moving toy with cam mechanism for a 5-7-year-old to play with.
After half term, our topic is ‘Hola Mexico’.  We will develop the children’s knowledge of what life is like in Mexico and take a look at the Maya Civilisation. Children will focus on learning the vast geography of Mexico and the differences of this to England.  We will also conduct a Science investigation to investigate how the light at different times of day affect shadows. This half term, we will be completing an art project inspired by Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo’s self portraits and a D&T project where we will be designing and cooking the Mexican dish Fajitas.

Keeping Safe and Healthy (This section will tell you what we are teaching children about lifestyle choices)
During the term, we will continue to do Jigsaw as part of our PSHE teaching. In the first half term, we will be looking into the children’s relationships with themselves, family and friends. After half term, we will move onto a topic called ‘Changing Me’ where we will learn about body image and puberty in boys and girls.

Dates for your Diary
Summer Term:              Monday 25th April 2022 – Monday 25th July 2022
Half Term:                     Monday 30th May 2022 – Friday 3rd June 2022
May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 2nd May 2022