Governing Body Pecuniary Interest

Beech Grove Primary School

Governing Body of Beech Grove Primary School

Register of Business/Pecuniary Interest Governor

Name of Governor Category & Position of responsibility Appointed by & term of office Nature of business interest/other educational establishments Relationship to staff Date interest last registered Date interest ceased
S. Richardson Co-opted



01.09.20 – 31.08.24

C of E Parish Priest none 24.10.23  
R. Speakman Co-opted GB

01.09.20 – 31.08.24

none none 24.10.23  
A. Phillips Co-opted GB

01.04.22 – 31.03.26

none none 24.10.23  
T. Higgins Co-opted GB

01.09.20 – 31.08.24

Magistrate none 24.10.23  
B. Bashir Co-opted GB

28.03.23 – 27.03.26

Bays Convenience Store  None  24.10.23  
N. McLauchlan Parent Governor GB

01.11.22 – 31.10.25

none none  24.10.23  
J. Stead Staff Elected

01.09.19 – 31.08.23

none none 24.10.23  
C. Wright Co-opted



17.11.19 – 16.11.23

Outwood Academy Ormesby
none 24.10.23  

J. Dixon
Head Teacher Sept. 2014 none none 24.10.23  

Record of Reviews (To be distribute each Autumn Term for amendment and signature)

Please note due to Covid no Governor’s meetings took place during 2020 

Date 07.07.15 06.12.16 26.09.17 16.10.18 05.11.19 Covid-2020
19.10.21 01.11.22 24.10.23
Initials SHx SHx SHx JD JD JD JD JD JD

A Register of Business Interests should be maintained to record all such interests. The register should be kept up-to-date by notification of changes through an annual review of entries and be made freely available for inspection by governors, staff and parents.

All governors and staff with budget responsibilities must provide information on any business interests that they or their immediate family hold (immediate family being spouse, children and parents).

To demonstrate that the governing body is operating with openness and transparency there should be an opportunity at the beginning of meetings for members of the governing body to declare an interest before matters are considered.  This will help identify potential conflicts of interest and the need to update the register.

Should a governor or member of staff believe that another governor or member of staff has a conflict of interest in an issue under discussion that has not been declared, they should draw this to the attention of the governing body.  It will be for the governing body to determine whether the individual with the alleged conflict of interest should withdraw from the meeting and not vote on a particular issue.

The register must include all business interests such as directorships, share holdings and other appointments of influence within a business or other organisation that may have dealings with the School/Academy. The disclosures should also include business interests of relatives and other individuals who may exert influence.

All business interests should be declared that could result in a conflict of interest:

  • Financial – interests in a contract or proposed contract by direct or family connection.
  • Appointment – interests in the provision for sponsor governors or interests in someone’s appointment, reappointment or suspension from office as a governor or clerk to the governing body.
  • Pay and performance – interests in the pay or appraisal of someone working at the School/Academy in cases where the governor or staff member is also paid to work at the School/Academy.

There is no official definition of a business interest. If a governor or member of staff is in any doubt about registering specific interests, the prudent approach would be to include the item on the register as a safety measure

Any governor with no business interests or conflict of loyalty to declare should still return a signed declaration to this effect.