Yr 3 What We Are Learning

Beech Grove Primary School

Curriculum Update

Year 3

Spring Term 2020

Head Teacher Message
Welcome back to our new Autumn term. On behalf of the staff we would like to welcome you to a new school year and hope that 2019/20 is a good one for our whole school community.
I hope that you have all had the chance to read our really positive Ofsted report from June of last summer. One thing that stood out is how well our children achieve, conduct themselves and really try their very best in all lessons. Something which I’m sure you are just as proud of them as I was and indeed am!!!
Our teachers have lots of interesting activities planned for this term and hope that you will enjoy hearing what children have been working on at consultation meetings, and will support them with their homework and reading outside of school.

John Dixon

Our work for this term

In the first half term we will be reading the book ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman. The children will use this book to write diary entries and stories. The children will develop their ability to write longer pieces, including speech, paragraphing, using embedded clauses, and develop rich and varied language.
In the second half term the children will have the opportunity to write fables in the style of the Greek story teller Aesop.

This term we will be developing our knowledge of formal written methods and applying this to solving problems involving multiplication, division and money.  We will also be solving calculations based on length and perimeter. The children will be developing their knowledge of statistics and fractions. We will continue to practice our times tables regularly. In year 3 the children are expected to begin to learn their 4 and 8 times tables. We will also continue to practise the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables too.

Our topics this term are ‘Tremors’ and ‘Gods and Mortals’. In the first half term, in Tremors, we will be investigating volcano’s with a focus on geography.  There will also be a chance to find out about rocks and fossils in science.
In the second half term, in Gods and Mortals, we will be investigating the ancient Greeks.

Keeping Safe and Healthy(What we are teaching children to help them keep safe)
Over the course of this term, we will be investigating the need to keep ourselves safe on the internet.
We will also be thinking about diversity and how we are all individuals and each one of us is unique.

Dates for your Diary
Spring Term:  Monday 6th January 2020 – Friday 3rd April 2020
Half Term:      Monday 17th February 2020 – Friday 21st February 2020