Curriculum Overview

Beech Grove Primary School

Whole School Topic Plan

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English Curriculum at Beech Grove Primary School

  • At Beech Grove Primary School we follow the National Curriculum for English in all year groups, and have modified our topic planning to enable the skills taught in English sessions to be applied in a wider context.
  • In addition to this, our assessments have shown us that the children we teach will benefit from the provision of structured phonics sessions and more opportunities to develop a wider range of sentence types.
  • To this end we have implemented daily Read Write Inc. sessions from Reception to Y3, and use Fresh Start as a targeted intervention in Y5 and Y6.
  • We have also included key sentence types to be taught in each year group throughout school in our medium term planning.

Long Term English Curriculum

English Curriculum – Medium Term Plans

Reading and Phonics

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reading and phonics are taught in KS1 and KS2
 at Beech Grove Primary School

Mathematics Whole School Overview

Mathematics Curriculum – Medium Term Plans

Archimedes – Mathematics

Rapid Recall – Mathematics

Times Tables Rock Stars – Mathematics

Religious Education Whole School Overview
Religious Education (RE) at Beech Grove School is taught as required, in agreement with Middlesbrough Agreed Syllabus. RE plays a vital role in combating prejudice, challenging stereotyping and encouraging respect. It also plays a positive role in celebrating and understanding cultural and religious diversity across the world.

Religious Education-Long Term Overview

Foundation Curriculum – Medium Term Plans

At Beech Grove Primary School, we follow a creative curriculum based on the Cornerstone Program.

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