What We Are Learning – Reception

 Beech Grove Primary School

  Curriculum Update


Autumn Term 2020

Head Teacher’s Message
Welcome back to our new Autumn term. On behalf of the staff we would like to welcome you to a new school year and hope that 2020/2021 is a good one for our whole school community and we can finally get back to some form of normality.
I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous home-schooling efforts you went to during the nations Covid19 lockdown. You all deserve a medal!
I hope that you have all had the chance to relax and recharge your batteries during the summer holidays. It is so important that our children now attend regularly to catch up the ‘missing months’. I’m positive with your continued support and our excellent teaching, our children will continue to achieve well and try their very best in all lessons.
We will one day look back on this period in time with immense pride of how well the children of Beech Grove did. I am so proud of them all and the way they have started back this Autumn term.
As always, our teachers have lots of interesting activities planned for this term and hope that you will enjoy hearing what children have been working on at consultation meetings, and will support them with their homework and reading outside of school. Reading is the key to everything! Please, please, please encourage them as much as you can with their reading at home. It’s greatly appreciated.

John Dixon

In Reception we use the Read Write Inc scheme to teach phonics. The children will be learning to read and write a new sound every day and we will be practising blending orally. We will be having a big push on name writing, children will practise finding and writing their names every morning when they come in to school. In Literacy lessons we will be doing lots of story-based activities linked to different texts to foster a love of reading and to inspire our writing. We will be using role play, puppets and small world to tell familiar stories and beginning to write sounds and words using our Read Write Inc segmenting skills.

In Maths we will be doing lots of rote and 1:1 counting. We will be practising counting out a set number of objects from a larger group and we will begin to compare different quantities e.g. which group has more? Which has fewer? We will be experimenting with how the number of objects change if we add one more or take one away. We will be talking about the order of our day and use vocabulary such as before, after, next and soon.  We will be beginning to think about the properties of objects and sort them according to if they are tall, short, big, small, etc. We will use vocabulary related to size when comparing and ordering objects.

Our topic for the first half term is “Why do squirrels hide their nuts?” We will be learning about Autumn, changing seasons, autumn vegetables, harvesting and animals that hibernate. Our topic for the second half term is “What happens when I fall asleep?” We will be learning about what happens at night, nocturnal animals, when different countries have day/night and people who work at night time.

Safeguarding (What we are teaching children to help them keep safe)
The children are encouraged to follow rules and routines in the classroom and the playground. We continue to focus on our FIVE GOLDEN RULES and ensure children understand what each rule means. We will talk about why we have rules to keep everybody safe and happy. We will be talking about how to stay safe in the dark now the darker nights are coming. We will be following the Jigsaw PSHE scheme to promote mindfulness.

Dates for your Diary
Spring Term: Monday 4th January 2021 – Friday 26th March 2021
Half Term:     Monday 15th February 2021 – Friday 19th February 2021