Mrs Brereton 2023 – 2024

Beech Grove Primary School

Wonderful Work

This week we had a life skills session. The children read a recipe on ‘How to make Pizza Pittas.’ They then followed the recipe and made their own pizza pittas. Most children enjoyed eating them and some had a little try. Well done!

This week, we had a go at playing music on the xylophones. It was tricky reading music and we learnt to play three notes.

This week, the children have shown an interest in things that fly. We went outside and explored how different items glide, float and fly. The children were great at running to fly the kites.


This week we discussed which birds were most common in springtime in the UK and set off to bird watch in our secret garden.

This week we have been using Beebots. We programmed directions around a maze of school.

This week we introduced our new topic ‘Minibeasts’. The children went on a Minibeast hunt into the secret garden. They worked so hard to find them in their natural habitats!

This week we talked about the importance of handwashing and the time of day when we must wash our hands. We completed a handwashing experiment.

I know what a stranger is and how to stay safe if a stranger approaches me.

I can recall simple stories connected to a festival from another faith (Sukkot).
We learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We talked about which parts of the festival of Sukkot we would enjoy most.
Spending time in a sukkah helps Jews appreciate the protection of God, and the festival can teach us all to be grateful for what we have.
We made our own sukkah and spent time relaxing in it.


This week we have been doing circuits in PE. We completed a Joe Wicks teddy bear circuits and went into the big hall to complete more exercises.

This week, the children have been working on their social communication, interaction skills and independent play skills. During independent choice, we spotted the children interacting with one another and enjoying each others company, playing together! Well done!

This week, we invited our families to Stay & Play. They joined in with our music lesson and we had lots of fun exploring the areas. We used our bodies and instruments to find the pulse. We talked about Dental hygiene day and looked at how to keep our teeth healthy.

This week in Music, we used our bodies and instruments to find the pulse. This week was very successful and all the children joined in together. Well done!

This week, we have been looking at changes in temperature and thinking about suitable clothes to wear when it is hot and cold.

This week, we have been creating our own observational drawings of an apple. We worked very hard to draw the outline and use coloured pencils to shade the curves of the apple and added water droplets.

This week Faizan has been working hard in Maths. He has been sorting objects by colour, size and in a pattern. Well done Faizan!

We’ve had a great start to the New Year! This week, we have been working hard in Music to find the pulse using our bodies and instruments.

This week we have been exploring primary and secondary colours. We mixed primary colours to create a colour wheel.

This week we have been looking at: How Does the Moon Shine? We looked at light sources and learnt that the moon reflects the light from the sun. We explored this by using a torch (to represent the sun) and a mirror (to represent the moon). We enjoyed this experiment.

We started our new topic this week, ‘Day and Night Time.’  We looked at night time routines and talked about what we do before we get ready for bed.

This week we have been exploring how to make shadows using a light source. We created our own shadow puppets using silhouettes and our hands.


Excellent work finding the beat using instruments this week in Music. Some boys even sang along to the song, well done!


Excellent work this week learning about Remembrance day.

This week we have been learning about looking after the environment. We went outside and collected litter to tidy up the Sensory Garden.

Excellent work practising number formation and making amounts within 5. Well done!


This week we have been learning about woodland animals. We designed our own woodland animals and used clay to make our own models.

This week we have been learning about our local area, Beech Grove Primary School. We have been thinking about our favourite areas in the classroom.

The children have had a great start to the year. We have been learning how to use the new independent learning station every morning as we came into the classroom.

This week we have been learning about our topic ‘Autumn & Harvest!’. We went into the Secret Garden to collect leaves and used them to make leaf Woodland Animal pictures. The children did a great job!