Curriculum Overview

 Beech Grove Primary School

Whole School Topic Plan

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Beech Grove English Curriculum

Read, Write Inc
We follow Read, Write Inc for our phonics and reading schemes we also use the
Project X reading scheme in KS1.
We also use Read, Write inc from reception through to Year 4

Maths Whole School Overview
Maths – Rapid Recall
Rapid recall is designed to help our children develop their mental maths ability. By improving skills of rapid recall, children can apply their knowledge and learning in a wider range of contexts resulting in more rapid progress.

In the long run, children will be able to calculate mentally much more quickly helping them complete timed tests, such as SATs, more efficiently.  From EYFS through to Year 6 our children sit a daily Rapid Recall test set to their level of mathematical ability.  The tests are timed but the time given depends heavily on the age of the children.  In EYFS the children have three minutes to orally answer given tasks such as counting in twos.  In Key Stage 2, children are allowed 2 minutes to complete the 24 calculations.  There are seven steps to complete in total.  Each step is then broken down further into smaller targets each target has to be achieved three times before child moves on to the next.  Children complete their Rapid Recall three times per week.  Once a full step has been achieved, the children are issued with a certificate to celebrate their success.

At Beech Grove Primary School, we follow a creative curriculum based on the Cornerstone Program.

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