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 Beech Grove Primary School

  Curriculum Update


Summer Term 2017

Head Teacher’s Message
Hello everyone. Welcome back to the start of the summer term. We have lots of new and exciting activities planned for the children to take part in this term, and we hope to see you to tell you all about your child’s new learning at our Parent Consultation days later this term. Please try your best to come and see the wonderful work that your child produces. Lastly, lets hope that the sun shines, the flowers the children have planted in our secret garden grow and we all have lots of fun on the school’s Sports Day on July 12th.

Sheila Hauxwell
John Dixon

The majority of Reception children can now decode simple CVC words and are building their sight vocabulary of tricky words. We will be working with these children to encourage them to use their phonic skills to read with increasing accuracy and fluency during their weekly Guided Reading sessions and daily quiet independent reading time. Those children who still need support with blending will have daily 1:1 intervention activities. Many children have made excellent progress with their reading skills. This is particularly evident for children who read regularly at home.
The children are working at different levels with their writing. We expect our Reception children to go into Year 1 being able to write one or more sentences independently using finger gaps, a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. Many children are achieving this now, some with only a little support. Others are working towards writing a simple caption. We will continue developing the children’s writing skills at their own level. We will also continue practising and improving letter formation.

We will continue developing the children’s number skills. We expect our reception children to be able to count to and recognise numbers to 20. Many children have already achieved this and are working on numbers beyond 20. Those who haven’t will continue to practise number skills at their own pace. We will also be practising simple addition, subtraction, doubling, halving and sharing problems.
Shape, Space and Measures
The children will be revisiting maths topics covered earlier in the year – i.e. shape, weight, capacity and money to consolidate their knowledge. We will also be investigating Time and Distance with lots of fun races and sports activities in preparation for Sports Day.

Summer 1
Our topic during the first half term is What is a Shadow? The children will be investigating light sources and having fun making shadows using a variety of different light sources.
Summer 2
Our topic during the second half term is Why is Water Wet? The children will be having lots of fun playing with water – while looking a little closer at how we use water and how important it is. We will be investigating some of the properties of water and doing some water experiments to make us think a little deeper.

Keeping Safe and Healthy  (This section will tell you what we are teaching children about lifestyle choices)
During the first half of Summer term the children will be given a fun quiz about different ways to stay healthy – including making healthy choices about the food they eat. This will help us determine any gaps in the children’s knowledge that can be addressed in Circle Time during the second half term.

Dates for your Diary

Summer Term:                           Monday 24th April 2017 – Friday 21st July 2017
Non uniform/Superhero Day:    Friday 26th May 2017
Half Term:                                  Monday 29th May 2017 – Friday 2nd June 2017
Sports Day:                                Wednesday 12th July 2017
Parent Consultations:                Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July 2017