What We Are Learning

 Beech Grove Primary School
Summer Term 2018

Head Teacher’s Message
Welcome back to our new summer term. Our teachers have lots of interesting activities planned for this term and hope that you will enjoy hearing what children have been working on at consultation meetings, and will support them with their homework and reading outside of school.
Many thanks to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts. We are very close to our target of £4,000 and you should soon be hearing about the free summer trips your children will be enjoying!

Sheila Hauxwell and John Dixon

Our work for this term

(The EYFS Curriculum is made up of 7 areas of development)

1. English
The Nursery children will be continuing to focus on communication and language during the Spring term. We are starting to work on our letter sounds with Read Write Inc and shall be learning the first 10 sounds. Children are now finding their names on a morning without the help of a picture. Having to look for their initial sound. We are continuing to encourage children’s name writing all around nursery. Starting with their initial sound and working towards their whole name.

2. Maths
The children are learning to count, recognise and order numbers to 10. They will be engaging in lots of counting and number work. We shall be exploring numbers to 10, counting out objects and becoming familiar with the number system.
We will also be learning about 2D shapes and using shapes and colours to recognise, describe and create patterns. 

3. Topic
Our topic for Spring 1 is ‘ Can I have chocolate for breakfast?’ – We will be looking at lots of foods, healthy and unhealthy. Thinking about what makes these foods healthy or not. We shall be making and tasting lots of different foods across this topic, such as soups, cucumber with hummus and egg and cress sandwiches. The children will be as hands on as possible chopping and preparing these snacks.
Our topic for Spring 2 is ‘Can we explore it?‘ during this topic we explore our school and local environments. Thinking about how we travel from one place to another and making maps of these journeys. This will link to using positional language such as, under, above and next to. Along with the children giving simple directions to each other.

4. Safeguarding
The children will be learning about rules and routines in the classroom and the playground. We will focus on our FIVE GOLDEN RULES and ensure children understand what each rule means. We will talk about why we have rules to keep everybody safe and happy. We will also show children the correct way to use our climbing equipment in the outdoor area.

Dates for your Diary
Summer Term:       Monday 16th April 2018 – Friday 20th July 2018
Half Term:              Monday 28th May 2018 – Friday 1st June 2018
Autumn Term:       Tuesday 4th September 2018 – Friday 21st December 2018