What We Are Learning

 Beech Grove Primary School
Term 2017

Head Teacher’s Message
Happy New Year to everyone in our school community. We are looking forward to some exciting learning opportunities for the children, and we hope you will encourage them to talk about what they are learning at home.
Parent Consultations will be arranged for this term, so you will be able to see first-hand everything they have been working on.
Sheila Hauxwell and John Dixon

Our work for this term

(The EYFS Curriculum is made up of 7 areas of development)

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
During this term we will continue to offer lots of opportunities for the children to interact with their peers, developing their social skills. We will encourage the children to develop their independence and practise their turn taking abilities and sharing.

2. Physical Development (Keeping Safe and Healthy)
We will provide daily opportunities for outdoor play in all weathers (we are hoping for the sun to shine, but please can children come with a coat each day. On sunny days please also send children with a cap/sun hat and having had sun cream applied at home). We will encourage the children to develop their spatial awareness and use the outdoor equipment safely. The children will be taught about the importance of healthy eating, and will be offered fruit and milk daily. Children will be encouraged to manage their toileting and self hygiene needs independently and daily tooth brushing will take place. Regular opportunities will be provided to use one handed equipment such as pencils, pens, paint brushes and scissors, developing a three fingered grip. Opportunities to develop the strength in the children’s finger muscles will be encouraged, for example lacing, using large tweezers and working with dough. This will help to develop their fine motor co-ordination.

3. Communication and Language (speaking and listening)
This is a very important area of learning in nursery. We will spend time each day encouraging the children to develop their listening skills. Children will have opportunities each day to talk about their ideas and interest across all areas of the curriculum. They will be encouraged to listen and talk to their peers and adults, taking turns and sharing.

4. Literacy (reading and writing)
Children will have daily opportunities to listen and respond to stories, sharing books and developing a love of reading. There will continue to be numerous opportunities in all areas of nursery for children to mark make, and we will be supporting children to write their name using the correct formation of letters.
We will have daily letters and sounds sessions focussing on the children using their listening skills to hear sounds, and moving on to listening for the initial letter sounds in words. Our older children will be learning to recognise letter sounds, and then write them. These children will be bringing home homework linked to this. We will be exploring basic rhythm and rhyme.

5. Maths
Counting is an integral part of our curriculum, and we encourage the children to count at every opportunity. This will be counting pieces of fruit at snack time, counting how many children can work in an area, and specific counting activities and games. We will be encouraging the children to count from 1-10 initially, moving each object aside as they count to ensure accuracy. Our older children will be encouraged to count to 20, and order these numbers. We will continue to encourage the children to explore shapes and patterns in the environment, naming the basic shapes such as square, circle, triangle and rectangle.
Children will also be encouraged to use the correct language linked to measuring such as long/short, heavy/light.
We will be encouraging the children to also use positional language correctly e.g. behind, next to, in front of etc.

6. ‘Understanding of the World’ and
7. ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ – Our Topic is used to promote all areas of the curriculum in particular
Our topic this half term is, “What is a shadow?”
This topic will involve exploring light and dark and shadows.
We will look at stories linked to light and dark including the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. Children will find out about sources of light, and what happens when there is no light. Children will explore making shadow patterns. Children
will also have the opportunity to think about space and we will discuss and make rockets. We will be growing seeds, and finding out what seeds need to grow. Children will also find out about noctumal animals.
After the May half term break our topic will move on to, “Why is water wet?” This topic will again encourage the children to discuss water and experiment with capacity and find out about items which float and those that sink. Children will find out about the sea, rivers and ponds. They will look at animals that live in water. They will also make boats and explore pirates and maps. Once again this topic will be used as a starting point for the learning in other areas of the curriculum, we will read stories linked to water, and maths and mark making will link to this topic.

As always if you have any queries or concerns regarding the curriculum, or any other aspect of our child’s nursery education, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Dates for your Diary:

Summer Term:                             Monday 24th April 2017 – Friday 21st July 2017
Non-uniform/Superhero Day:    Friday 26th May 2017
Half Term:                                     Monday 29th May 2017 – Friday 2nd June 2017
Sports Day:                                   Wednesday 12th July 2017
Parent Consultations:                 Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July 2017